The industry’s safest, most reliable way to frac faster

The Oseco Telos is the frac industry’s most accurate, reliable, and fastest responding Electronic Pressure Relief Valve (EPRV).

How Oseco Telos works


Quickly set the relief valve pressure to a specific psi from a computer.

Read Pressure

Transducers read the system pressure 100 times a second.

Relieve Pressure

The relief valve fully opens in 0.4 seconds.

Close Valve

After the pressure is relieved, the valve then reseats within 0.4 seconds once it hits the closing set point.

Non Productive Time (NPT) is virtually eliminated because it does not need to be reset or recalibrated like a mechanical or gas valve.

Because of the fast-closing valve, pressure drops are minimized to enable rapid re-entry into the formation (or stage).

Complete Wells Faster For Less, All While Operating More Safely Than Ever Before



Electronics Change the Speed at Which Valves Will Open.

Electronic accuracy enables the Telos valves to open at a specific pressure setting with perfect precision. There are no more tolerances to factor in when setting the relief pressure, no human mistakes, or faulty mechanical valves.

  • Transducers read system pressure 100 times a second
  • The Telos begins to relieve pressure immediately after reaching a specified pressure setting
  • No other valve is more accurate, reliable, or faster to respond

Confidently pump 15% closer to your maximum allowable pressure.

Valve Accuracy and Reliability Ensure Safety at Higher Pressures

Even the best mechanical relief valves have fairly wide tolerances and can vary in performance over time. This requires operators to back off a pressure rating, sometimes by as much as 15%. Because the Telos has nearly instant valve relief at a precise setting, field operators can set their pressure as high as possible based on their equipment and reservoir requirements without ever worrying about their people or equipment.

  • Pumping at higher pressures and rates leads to treating more lateral feet per day and reducing cycle time
  • Higher pressures are needed to break through difficult formations
  • The Telos relieves pressure at an industry best 127 barrels per minute at 12,000psi


0.5 seconds maximum reseal time


15 seconds maximum reseal time

All But Eliminate NPT

Reliably Closes and Reseals in 0.4 Seconds

  • With the fastest resealing, a stage can be completed without having to shut down or lose time for maintenance
  • Compared to mechanical options, the Telos EPRV saves time commonly needed for valve replacement or system pressure testing
  • Frequent pressure events in the same stage are seamlessly handled without disruption

Find the Perfect Pressure With Ease in Challenging and Changing Settings

Adjust Pressure Settings Quickly and Remotely

Set precise open and close pressure settings from a remote computer and adjust in-the-moment with the push of a button. This feature makes the Telos ideal for optimizing pressure in exploratory or evolving situations or moving between wells with different pressure settings.

  • Saves time calibrating or replacing mechanical valves
  • Eliminates human or mechanical error during resetting or replacement
  • No need for planning and logistics associated with stocking valves

Product Comparison Chart

Oseco Telos

Competitor 1

Competitor 2

Competitor 3

Full Opening Speed

0.4 seconds

0.5 seconds

1 second

0.1 seconds

Full Closing Speed

0.4 seconds

15 seconds

3 seconds

After line pressure
is reduced to 0

Flow Rate

127 BPM at 12k

45 BPM at 12k

100 BPM at 12k

95 BPM at 10k






Electronic Control


LCD number pad



Learn more about how the Oseco Telos compares to other EPRV’s with our Comprehensive Comparison Chart.

Engineered in Every Way to Eliminate NPT


With the push of a button you can change valves. You don’t have to disconnect or reconnect.


Have to disconnect from “C” then reconnect to “R” on both sides of the valve.

The Only EPRV with Two Valves In Series for Instant Backup

The patented Telos is designed with a second relief valve positioned in series rather than in parallel configuration like other EPRVs on the market. A parallel configuration requires a shut down and manual reconnection to get going again.

  • The in series design enables the instant change over to the second valve with just a click of a button on a computer screen.
  • Stopping during a stage is avoided if there ever is a valve problem.

Remote Diagnostics For Proactive Service

We’ve built the Telos to be able to diagnose most problems with the relief valve. It prompts users and tells them when there is a problem. It then notifies users with details about those problems.

  • Warnings are communicated immediately before they cause any downtime.
  • From immediate online troubleshooting to a service tech onsite, we’ve got you covered.

Built to Never Fail - More Redundancies Than Any Other System For Total Peace of Mind

Commercial aircrafts are the statistically safest mode of travel. These airplanes are expertly designed with redundancies for all critical functions. We have done the same with the Telos, making sure that all key features have at least one if not two or more backups ready to go.

Two Valves In Series

Two valves in series allows you to switch between them if needed without disconnecting the iron.

Redundant Actuation System

It’s critical that the valve opens when it needs to and we’ve have three ways to ensure it always happens. They’re not only equipped with a reliable hydraulic actuator, but also a backup electronic stepper motor and manual operating capability.

Redundant Actuations

Accumulator holds hydraulic pressure for back to back pressure relief events.

Backup Battery Bank

In the case of a power outage, a battery backup will operate the unit at full power.

Redundant Control Screens

One control screen on the unit and one control screen in the data van.

Easy To Use Interfaces Are Quick To Learn and Ensure Foolproof Operation

We are accustomed to intuitive interfaces on our phones, tablets, and laptops. We brought the same principles to the design of our software interfaces. This makes it easy on everyone, but it also saves time and increases safety.

Easy to Set Up

With minimal upfront training, your Frac Crew can quickly setup the system to perform at the pressures that you input.